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Efficiency in Action: Smart Ordering for your hospitality business

Orders are the lifeblood of your hospitality business, and with our integrated ordering solutions, the process becomes effortless. With a user-friendly system, you can place orders quickly and easily with your suppliers, always keeping control of your stock. Whether managing daily deliveries or planning special events, our software streamlines the process and improves efficiency. 

With real-time tracking and notifications, you always stay informed about the status of your orders, allowing you to react to any changes in a timely manner. With our ordering solutions, you can cut costs, save time and optimise your business performance.


Automatic orders based on collected parameters

Our software uses automatic ordering based on collected parameters, making your procurement process smoother and more efficient. By analysing trends and consumption patterns, the system determines when and how much you should order. This reduces the risk of shortages or surpluses and optimises your stock management. With automatic ordering, you can focus on other important aspects of your business, knowing that your stock is always up to scratch.


Sending orders by e-mail, file transfer or API connection

With our software, you can easily send orders via various methods: by e-mail, via file transfer or with an API connection. This flexibility allows you to communicate with your suppliers in the most efficient way, depending on your specific needs. Whether you choose the simplicity of e-mail, the security of file transfer, or the advanced integration of an API, our solution supports your preference and ensures a seamless ordering experience.


Perfect control over receiving orders using a mobile scanner

Using a mobile scanner, our software offers perfect control over receiving orders. You can quickly and accurately scan products on receipt, allowing you to make an immediate comparison with orders placed. This reduces errors and ensures that you always have an up-to-date overview of your stock. The mobile scanner makes the process efficient and reliable, saving you time and optimising your stock management.


Automatic invoice verification

Our software offers automatic invoice checking, saving you time and effort when processing incoming invoices. The system automatically compares invoice data with orders and deliveries received, instantly identifying discrepancies. This reduces the risk of errors and fraud, and ensures that you only pay for what you have actually received. With automatic invoice checking, your administration becomes more efficient and reliable.

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