HACCP Planning tool


HACCP compliance for repetitive tasks

Within our comprehensive package, we offer a dedicated module for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance, which allows you to plan and manage your refrigerator maintenance to the highest food safety standards. With this module, you can not only comply with legal requirements, but also ensure the integrity of your food preservation. 

By using automated scheduling and alerts, you ensure that your refrigeration equipment is always working optimally, reducing the risk of food spoilage and ensuring the safety of your guests. With our HACCP module, you can confidently comply with regulations and maintain your reputation as a safe and reliable catering establishment.


Integrating automated beacons makes traceability a child's play

Our advanced systems use innovative technologies to track every step of your supply chain, from supplier to finished product. By placing beacons at crucial points in your process, we can capture and analyse real-time data, giving you an accurate overview of the location and status of your goods. This not only improves the efficiency of your operations, but also increases the quality and safety of your products. Our automated beacons ensure complete traceability, allowing you to confidently meet the strictest regulations and exceed your customers' highest standards.


Intervening on impending expiry dates by flashing lights on your dashboard

Flashing lights on your dashboard allow you to act quickly when expiry dates approach. Our advanced software automatically alerts you when products are approaching their expiry date, allowing you to take proactive action to prevent waste. By responding to these alerts in time, you can sell, reuse or dispose of products on time, saving money and maintaining the quality of your stock. With our blinkers, you have full control over your stock and can meet the highest quality standards with confidence.


Planning and monitoring implementation of cleaning and tasks

With our planning and control functions for cleaning and tasks, you can efficiently manage and optimise your operational processes. Our advanced software allows you to create detailed cleaning and task plans, assign tasks to specific employees and track the progress of execution in real-time. By using automated notifications and reminders, our system ensures that cleaning and maintenance tasks are always completed on time, ensuring hygiene and safety in your hospitality business. Moreover, our software offers extensive reporting capabilities, giving you insight into cleaning compliance and employee performance. With our planning and control functions for cleaning and tasks, you can improve your operational efficiency and provide your guests with an optimal experience.


Reminder module for cost-saving maintenance of appliances and installations

With our reminder module for cost-saving appliance and plant maintenance, your equipment and facilities always stay in top condition. Our advanced software allows you to plan and schedule maintenance tasks based on specific requirements and frequencies. With the help of automated reminders, you will receive timely notifications when maintenance is required, allowing you to avoid costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime. By performing regular maintenance, you extend the life of your equipment, reduce operational costs and maximise operational efficiency. With our cost-saving maintenance reminder module, you can keep control of your assets and ensure the smooth operation of your hospitality business.


Automatic generator of allergens list

With our automatic allergen list generator, you can quickly and easily meet the legal requirements for providing allergen information to your customers. Our advanced software automatically analyses your recipes and menu items and identifies all allergens present. The system then automatically generates a detailed allergen list, which you can share on your menus, websites and other communication channels. This automatic approach saves you time and minimises human error, allowing you to focus on delivering a safe and welcoming experience for all your customers. With our automatic allergen list generator, you can easily manage your compliance and give peace of mind to your allergy sufferers.

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