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Profit driver: food cost management in action

Foodcost management is crucial to the success of your hospitality business. With our advanced foodcost management tools, you can accurately calculate and manage the cost of your menu items. From tracking ingredient prices to analysing menu engineering, our software provides the insights you need to maximise your profitability. 

With real-time reporting and analysis, you can quickly identify trends and make strategic decisions to optimise your food cost. With our food cost management system, you can maximise your margins, reduce costs and improve your bottom line.


Simple composition of dishes with Click&Drop tool

With our Click&Drop tool, you can easily assemble dishes without the hassle. With just a few clicks, you can add and adjust ingredients, making putting together complex dishes a breeze. Whether you are a chef looking for creative freedom or a restaurant owner seeking efficiency, our tool offers the flexibility and user-friendliness you need. With Click&Drop, you can effortlessly create delicious dishes and customise your menu to suit your customers' needs.


Costing per dish

With our cost per dish calculation, you can accurately calculate the cost of each dish in your menu. By entering the prices of ingredients, labour and overheads, our system automatically generates the cost price of each dish. This allows you to analyse the profitability of your menu items and make informed pricing decisions. With a detailed understanding of the cost price of each dish, you can optimise your menu, maximise profits and improve your business performance.


Simulation tools margin calculation in case of price or ingredient change

With our margin calculation simulation tools, you can easily analyse the impact of price or ingredient changes on your profit margins. These powerful tools allow you to simulate different scenarios and predict the potential effects on your bottom line. Whether you are considering adjusting the price of a dish or substituting ingredients, our simulation tools offer you insight into the potential financial impact. This allows you to make informed decisions that maximise your restaurant's profitability and successfully grow your business.


Efficient production planning & MEP

With our efficient production planning and MEP (Menu Engineering & Planning) tools, you can optimise your production processes and maximise your menu effectiveness. Using advanced algorithms and data analysis, you can streamline production planning for your kitchen and accurately plan the resources required based on demand and expected consumption. Moreover, our MEP functionality provides detailed insights into the performance of each menu item, allowing you to identify which dishes are most profitable and which may need improvement. With these powerful tools, you can run your kitchen more efficiently and maximise your profits through smart menu optimisation.


Built-in flashing lights for overstock and approaching expiry dates

Our built-in flashing lights for overstock and approaching expiry dates give you instant insight into the status of your stock. These features automatically alert you when your stock reaches critical levels or when products are approaching their expiry dates, allowing you to take proactive action. This prevents unnecessary waste and losses due to expired products and allows you to manage your stock efficiently. With our flashing lights, you can reduce your operational costs and improve your business performance by intervening in time and minimising waste.

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